Still have power

Back in 2006 a major windstorm blew thru the area and many were without power for days. In our neighborhood the power was off for about four days, only to go out again two days later.

So, when the weatherman started predicting a storm and comparing it to the December 2006 storm, panic occurred. Now, I know that the weatherman only gets it right some of the time, but I decided that we needed to be prepared anyway.

I spent an hour yesterday getting the generator running and making sure that we were ready. Then Micha and I went out to complete some shopping and it seems like everyone was doing the same. Traffic was almost as bad as I’ve ever seen it, and the lines at the stores were ten or more deep. I ran by the gas station to fill a few gas cans so we could keep the generator running and some stations were already out of gas, I ends up buying premium because that was all they had available. The shelves at the grocery store were almost bare as well. We were able to find what we needed and headed back home to weather the storm.

Well, we did hear the wind, and the snow blew off many trees, but we never lost power. In fact, I don’t remember seeing it blink at all. I guess we’re just prepared for the next winter storm, hopefully it won’t be a big one either.


~ by Michael Sorensen on December 21, 2008.

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