Another year comes to an end…

St Petes BeachAs I write this the last few hours of 2008 are quickly ticking away.  2008 has been another year full of milestones for our family, here are some of the highlights:

In January I had a conference to go to in Orlando, FL.  Knowing how difficult the long grey winters can be here in Seattle, we decided it would be a good opportunity to bring the family along for a week in the sun.  Well, the weather really didn’t cooperate, but we were still able to enjoy the time away.  The boys are still a little young for most of the theme parks, but we did explore the Universal Citywalk and downtown Disney.  One day we decided to drive to Tampa Bay and find the beach where Aaron got to experience the beach for the first time.

I decided to try something new in February.  My friend Brian and I purchased the introduction to snowboarding package up at The Summit at Snoqualmie. The package included three days of lift tickets, equipment rental and group lessons.  It took us until may to fit in all three days, but we both enjoyed it.  If I can find the time I may be back up again this winter.

We finally found the sun that we were looking for in March when we spent a week in Phoenix.  We went down to celebrate my grandmothers birthday, but spent much of the week relaxing and enjoying the sun and warm weather.  spring_training2It was great to spend time with the family as my parents and my brother and his family also traveled down, which led to quite a houseful at Grandma’s.  Even thou it was late in March we did find the time to see a Spring Training game, the first of a very disappointing baseball season for the Mariners.  Micha even let me take a day for myself and rent a Harley.  I had a great time and put almost 400 miles on the brand new Street Glide before I returned it the next day.  The party for Grandma was great and it was good to see family that I hadn’t seen in years.

April brought is to another sunny destination, Las Vegas.  Not the vacation destination that we would have chosen, but the trip was an award from my company.  Micha and I left the boys with my parents and headed off for a long weekend away.  It was great to spend time outside of work with some of the great people that I get to work with.  They put on a good show, but for the highlight was the Richard Petty experience.  We spent a day at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and got to drive a NASCAR around the track for 5 laps.  I wasn’t quite the fastest that day, but I was a little faster than Micha.

baseball_andyAndy turned three in May and continues to keep us active and entertained.  On his birthday Andy got to go to the Mariners game with me and his Papa.  He is becoming a big sports fan and enjoyed watching each and every pitch.  He traveled with this mom and brother to spend a week with Nana and Papa in Oklahoma.  I was supposed to meet them in Wichita for a wedding, but for the first time in quite some time I missed my flight.  This was the one time where my Gold status on Alaska really paid off as I was able to get on the next flight out without paying a fee.  I missed the wedding but was still able to spend a few days with family and then help Micha travel home with the boys.

andy_slideWith two boys around the house we needed to give them the opportunity to work off some of their energy, so in June and July we worked on building a play structure in the backyard.  Andy was so excited about it that he couldn’t wait until everything was done to take his first run down the slide.  Andy also started playing soccer this summer and Aaron just continued to grow.

August saw Aaron’s first and second camping trips.  First we spent a weekend on Camano Island with a number of families from our sunday school class.  The kids enjoyed having some of their friends around.  They had so much fun that Micha and I found a few days available later in the month and went east of the mountains for a few days at Lincoln Rock state park.

September brought more milestones for our family as Andy started pre-school.  It’s great to see him get excited about school and hear about the new friends that he is making.  We traveled yet again, this time for Micha’s Grandfather’s birthday.  The boys are great travelers and it was good to spend time with family.

aaron_cakeAaron turned 1 in October, and he continues to show his personality.  Nana and Papa came out to visit for his birthday as well, and it was great to have another first birthday party.  Aaron is quickly following his big brother around and always wants to do what Andy is doing.  We also started noticing the Andy was squinting, so Micha took him to the eye doctor and it turns out that he is more like his dad than we understood.  He wasn’t too thrilled at first to find out that he needed to wear glasses, but quickly realized how much they help.andy_glasses

After spending most of the year at home, I started traveling again for work in November.  My boss and I traveled for two weeks to eight different cities (Herndon VA, Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Kansas City KS, and Orlando FL).  It was a lot of traveling in a short amount of time, but I think we were very successful.  Micha also planned a weekend away for us in November, without the kids.  It turned out that it was the weekend between my two weeks on the road.  We spent two nights away just the two of us, and it turned out the timing was perfect.  We had fun exploring Leavenworth and relaxing.  It was great to take a few days away from everything, including my computer.

December brought us into the holiday season and winter weather.  For the first time in years we had a white Christmas here, and the kids enjoyed playing out in the snow.  I spent a few days working from home, giving me the freedom to take a few minutes to spend with the boys in the middle of my day.  After being stuck at home for more than a week due to the snow, it was quite a relief to Micha to see the weather start to warm up and the snow melt.  I think that we saw enough snow in December for the entire winter and then some.

Well, that about wraps up the highlights from 2008, and it looks like 2008 is just about to expire.  May God continue to bless us greatly in 2009.


~ by Michael Sorensen on December 31, 2008.

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