third time’s a charm….lets hope

I’m a gadget guy.  When the new iPhone 3G came out this summer I couldn’t wait to get one.  Although I wanted to I didn’t wait in line for hours on the first day.  In fact, it was about two weeks later that Micha and I were at the mall and I stopped into the Apple store.  The timing couldn’t have been better and a few hours later Micha and I were on our way home with our new iPhones.

If you have read anything about the iPhone 3G you have probably read about the battery life.  While I was somewhat concerned, my initial experience was pretty good.  Compared to my previous windows mobile phone, the battery life was a little shorter but I easily able to get thru a full day without any issues.  After almost three months, something changed and I was only able to get four to five hours stand-by time.  After doing some research on the web, I decided to make an appointment and go back into the Apple store to talk to a genius.  After checking my iPhone and listening to the symptoms they just quickly exchanged it for a new one.

At this point I was quite impressed with Apple and their level of customer service.  My replacement iPhone was quickly back to providing me the expected performance.  I had all but forgotten any problems and continued to enjoy all the features and application.

Then one day in mid December it happened again.  After just a few hours my iPhone was showing 20% remaining battery life.  Not wanting to be the type of customer who complains about every little thing, I decided to once again try everything I could think of to get my iPhone back to functioning as it should.  I discovered that if I turned off the push e-mail the battery life was back to what I expected, but that was not a permanent solution.

After trying everything else I could think of, I decided to do a restore.  When that didn’t solve the problem, it was clear that a trip back to the Apple store was in my near future.  Once again I made an appointment to talk with a genius and headed over to the Apple store at lunch.  Again, everyone that I talked to really seemed to care about my issues, but this time I left the store with the same iPhone that I came in with.  While they listened to everything that I had to say, because I had just done the restore the previous day, they requested that I use the iPhone for a few more days so that they could see the usage history.

So, I suffered with incredibly poor battery life for then next few days, letting my iPhone run completely dead and then fully charge it.  Today my iPhone was totally dead by 11:00am, so I made my third appointment at the Apple store and took a detour to the mall on my way home.  After just a few minutes with the genius today I was once again walking out of the store with a new iPhone, and a renewed hope that all the battery issues are behind me.

Bottom line, Apple products do cost a bit more than the competition, but they have great service.


~ by Michael Sorensen on January 5, 2009.

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