what, no ticket?

Traveling is always an adventure, sometimes more than others.  This week, I have already had one or two.

For some reason, it appears that my name has been added to a TSA watch list.  I started having problems checking-in on line for my flights back in November and I have become frustrated with the process.  However, this week I encountered a slightly different issue.  When I got to the airport in Kansas City I wan not able to check-in at all.  I contacted the agent and they started looking up my reservation.  It didn’t take long for me to get the impression that something wasn’t right.  Although the agent was very helpful, she seemed to be unable to find any answers.  After a few minutes of typing and a phone call the issue was finally uncovered.

Now, let me pause and explain my travel plans for this week:
Monday the 19th – Seattle to Kansas City
Tuesday the 20th – Kansas City to Houston
Wednesday the 21st – Houston to St Louis
Thursday the 22nd – St Louis to Newark
Friday the 23rd – Newark to Seattle
The issue that they finally uncovered was the one leg of my trip, from St Louis to Newark, had never been ticketed.  The reservation was made, just not purchased.  Thankfully I found out on Tuesday, called the travel agent and got the ticket purchased.

So, it looks like today it’s the usual TSA issue keeping me from checking-in.  Hopefully I hear a resonse from the soon about a resolution.


~ by Michael Sorensen on January 21, 2009.

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