Our Hawaii adventure today included a little LOST goodness. We decided to rent a car for the day and drive around the island a bit. The first rental place we stopped at was a bust, but next door they did have cars available. In fact they were running a special on convertibles (maybe because it was looking like rain).

Our trip started off heading west towards Diamond Head, with the top down. We stopped a few places along the way for photos and soon had to put the top up as the rain had begun. We finally got to some better weather when we reached the north side of the island, so we stopped for a while at Sunset Beach.

Now, I’m a fan of the TV show Lost on ABC, so before we left I took notes on some known filming locations, as Lost films here on Ohau. As we continued around the island, I decided that we should check out the Others camp. As we got closer, we noticed a number of filming trailers and vehicles parked along the road. When I noticed a security gard I stopped and asked “what’s going on here today?”. They’re filming a TV show was his response.

Now, I didn’t really expect to find them filming, I just wanted to see the camp they used as the Others village. As we drove (slowly) to the end of the road, we weren’t able to see much. I even asked another guard if there was a place that I could park and watch what was going on, he said no. At this point Micha convinced me to leave, so we headed off.

But that’s not the end of the story because, we were back about an hour later. I decided that I really wanted check things out, so we parked about a mile down the beach and started to walk. I figured that the beach is typically public, so I couldn’t get in too much trouble. After about twenty minutes of walking thru the thick sand, I rounded a point and saw something ahead.

Want I saw turned out to be a set for Lost! Pictures are posted below, but basically it looked like a makeshift shelter built on the beach. Scattered all around were suitcases and other debris. I saw what looked to be the making of a campfire and lots of empty cans.

After talking with another security gard I only got a little info. First, I heard there we no big stars on hand, but they were using look alikes. The only notable was another fan mentioned they had seen a “young” Ben running by earlier. Also, I heard the Lapitis was there the night before filming just a few yards farther down the beach, and that they were planning on more filming that night.

As much as I might have wanted to stay all night, I said thanks and headed back. I know that I’ll be watching a little
More closely to see if I can see the set on the show.

After my Lost experience, we headed back south to our hotel, checking out more of the island as we went. Overall, it was a great day, topped off by an unexpected run in with Lost filming.


~ by Michael Sorensen on January 28, 2009.

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