coffee and iPhones don’t mix

This week we learned a valuable lesson at our house, coffee and iPhones don’t do well together.  As noted in my earlier post I have decided to give up coffee for lent this year, so you can probably surmise that this post is not entirely about me.

The trauma occurred Wednesday morning as my wife was busily getting the kids ready for all the days activities.  I’m not totally sure on all the details, but basically our 17 month old got a hold of moms iPhone and it ended up in moms cup of coffee.  After the chaos had subsided we tried everything that we could think of to dry it out and ended up leaving it in a bag of rice for a few days.  When the time came to remove it and see what the damage really was we discovered that it is totally dead.

Well, with two kids around the house I guess it was bound to happen.  The big question now is how do we go about replacing or repairing it.  I guess I’ll be making some calls to Apple and AT&T and see what they can do for us.  If you happen to know of a reputable iPhone repair shop (with reasonable rates) let me know.


~ by Michael Sorensen on March 7, 2009.

One Response to “coffee and iPhones don’t mix”

  1. Trauma is correct as I don’t do well with nice expensive toys getting dunked. Lucky for me, my hubby had a black jack from when his job paid for his cell phone that I used in the time being. Dude, where’s my mac?? Let’s just say that’s how much I really liked that phone. Oh well, I’ve been reunited with my phone since returning from AZ and I’m happy again. The iPhone now has a lovely, higher resting place when not attached to me.

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