A surprise for my bride

Before I left to join the family in Oklahoma for the weekend I was able to do something for my wife that should surprise her when we get home.

One thing that Micha has wanted ever since we moved into our house four years ago was a different light over our stairs. Now I’ll admit that the original one, a la 1975 didn’t really fit into our style, but I wasn’t looking forward to climbing the ladder over the stairs to replace it.

A few weeks ago we took some time on a Saturday to go to all the different lighting stores in the area to pick out something new. We found a light that we both could agree on and that wasn’t too expensive. I went back last week expecting to just walk in and make a quick purchase. Of course it wouldn’t be that easy. After a short conversation I learned that they didn’t have one in stock, but I could pay for it and then they would bring one down from Everett, sometime in the next week.

Seeing as how I wanted to complete this project before I left the next night, that just wasn’t going to work. Our conversation continued, and after a few more minutes I was walking out the door with the floor model, at almost 50% off.

The installation was not as difficult as I had feared, and here is what it looks like. Sure looks better than the old one. I can’t wait to see Micha’s face when she gets home and sees it.


~ by Michael Sorensen on April 14, 2009.

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