Giants baseball

This week my travels take me to California, one day in the Bay Area and one day in San Diego.

As soon as the dates were set, the first thing I did was check the baseball schedule to see if I could fit in a game anywhere. I was excited to find out that the Giants were not only going to be in town but that they were also playing their rival Dodgers. Since the game started at 7 on Monday I decided to take an earlier flight to ensure that I was able to make it to the game on time.

I decided that it would be prudent to purchase a ticket before I left to ensure that I wouldn’t be searching for a scalper at game time trying to get in. After searching on-line I selected a bleacher seat out in left field. My biggest complaint was the fees that they charge, but I’ll save that beef for another post.

My original plan was to park the car and ride public transport to the game, but that changed. As I got closer I decided that rather than try to figure out the transit system I would just drive in. I paid the toll and drove across the bay bridge, searched the area and found a place to park. I just wish that I had known that the meters stop at 3pm, as I passed a few good places on the street.

After collecting my ticket from the will call window, I headed into AT&T park. I’m a little spoiled being from Seattle where our baseball stadium is one of the most beautiful in the league, but I have to say AT&T is also a wonderful park. From the moment I entered I was surrounded by fans, cheering and having a great time. Also, the smell from the consessions was wonderful, especially the cinamin roasted nuts.

The fans in the outfield bleachers seemed to be having a great time, and with the Giants taking the early lead, they had more to cheer about. Next time, if I go to a game in the spring I’ll have to make sure that I wear another layer as the wind made it a little colder than I had expected.

My ballpark experience wasn’t complete without trying some of the food, so I explorered the stadium in search of a good dinner. Also, I took a few minutes to check out the giant glove in center field.

To sum up the evening, I can’t wait to go back. It didn’t hurt that the Giamts came back to win the game. They have some great activities that the kids would enjoy and I would love to see a day game in the summer and spend some time exploring the surrounding area. So, if you get the chance to go to a Giants game, please go, just take an extra jacket.


~ by Michael Sorensen on April 28, 2009.

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