fees, fees, fees

OK, as I mentioned in my pervious post I have a few words to say about fees. Here’s my brief rant.

Enough already! I’ve had it with all these add-on fees.

Last week when I purchased my ticket to the Giants game I was astonished at the amount of fees that were added on to the listed price. If I had decided to actually walk up to the ticket window and purchase the ticket directly from a person, there were have been no additional fees. This makes no sense to me, as it has to cost them more to have a person handle the transction rather than a self-service transaction processed thru a website. Add to that yet more fees to use my own ink and paper to print my thicket at home instead of choosing to pick up my ticket, again from a person, at the will-call window. So, it seems to me that the on-line transaction should cost them less to process and yet the charge more for it.

My frustration applies to airlines with their baggage fees also. I mean really, most people I talk to would rather pay more for the ticket just for the assurance that there wouldn’t be additional fees added later. Charging for passanters to check bags is just encouraging people to bring more carry on bags onto the plane, slowing down the boarding and exiting.

Now, everywhere I look I’m seeing more fees. Transportation fees added to a rental car, facility fees added to a concert ticket, convienence fees, processing fees, etc. I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to just pay the advertised price. And usually these fees are not clearly disclosed up front; it’s not until you’re at least part way thru the purchase process that you find out it’s going to cost you more.

Companies, if you’re not able to make any money at the advertised price, then just change the price, don’t tack on additional fees.

I’ll step off my soapbox now. Let me know if you agree or not?


~ by Michael Sorensen on April 29, 2009.

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