The ‘New’ Yankee stadium

After all the frustration of my travels this week it was a great relief to get to go out last night and watch the Mariners beat the Yankees.

A number of years ago Micha and I took a trip to the east coast to watch baseball. We got to see a game at Yankee Stadium and as it happens it was also a Mariners win. Aside from the history, we were very unimpressed with the experience however. The stadium was dirty and sitting in the upper deck I felt like if I leaned forward I would fall to the field. After this experience I was hopeful that the new Yankee stadium would be a huge improvement.

Well, it is a beautiful stadium and there is a lot to see. I was disappointed to see how dirty the stadium had become in the first half a season. It appeared that some parts of the stadium hadn’t been cleaned since they opened the doors.

Also, I was surprised at how rude many of the fans were. Being a fan of the visiting team I was being respestful in my cheering. However, there were other fans cheering loudly for the Mariners, and at least in the bleachers where I was sitting there were many Yankee fans verbally attacking the Seattle fans, many times usin profanity. Come on, let’s show some respect for others. Cheer for your team, but don’t attack the opposing fans. I’ve been to many stadiums and I’ve never seen fans so rude.

The other disappointment is how expensive the tickets are. Baseball is quickly becomming out of reach for most of the middle class with the cheepest seats starting around $15 – $20.

In spite of these issues, if I get the oppertunity to go back again I’ll do it. In fact, if the kids continue to be baseball fans we’ll have to take them sometime. Oh, and I’ll have to get back to catch a Mets game someday too.

Here are some of my pics.


~ by Michael Sorensen on July 3, 2009.

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