Twitter to the rescue

The more I travel the more I look for ways to make it quicker and easier. In that light, I usually try to check-in for my flight and print my boarding pass on-line. The only drawback is most of the time if you check-in too early on-line they don’t include a gate number on your boarding pass. Usually that’s not a big deal as I check the board once I’m thru security to make sure it hasn’t changed.

Well, my experience today was a little different. After I got thru security I wasn’t able to find my flight anywhere on the monitors. I even went and asked at the inormation booth and no one seemed to know the correct gate. It was then that I remembered that Alaska Air is on Twitter, so I DM’d them and they were quick to respond with a gate. I made my flight home and everyone was happy.


~ by Michael Sorensen on July 7, 2009.

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