Lexus custer service failure

OK, so I had a few minutes to kill before heading to the airport for my flight home today. As I was driving around I noticed the the Lexus dealer had the new IS convertable in, so I decided to stop and take a look.

It was about 3 in the afternoon so there wasn’t much traffic at the dealer, and as I pulled in a salesman came to greet me. We talked about the car for a minute and he walked me over to an example just outside the showroom. As we continued our conversation I noticed three or four other salesmen sitting around nearby. The conversation turned from about the car and he began to ask questions about me. I answered honestly and as soon as I mentioned that I was from out of town he quietly walked away without saying another word.

Then, I overhead him talking to the other salesmen that they were instructed to NOT talk to people who were from out of town as they would not be making a purchase. While I agree that there was no way I was going to buy a car, I don’t see what harm it would do to talk to me. Really, as a potential customer you the salesman are the face of the brand.

Now, if there were other customers waiting I wouldn’t mind a saleman excusing himself to go assist them, but when there is nothing else for him to do it is totally rude for him to just walk away.

So, if you live in southern California, I do not recommend the Lexus dealer in Irvine, they only value your money, not you.


~ by Michael Sorensen on July 25, 2009.

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